Rebuild your equipment components to return it like-new condition or even better, save money and bring your equipment back to life by rebuilding your components within wide range of rebuild options.

• Engine Rebuild

• Hydraulic Rebuild

• Power Train Rebuild

Component rebuilding is the optimal solution for extending the lifespan of your equipment in a cost-effective manner.

Why we are different

Our Workshop is equipped with the latest and best-in-class tools and equipment, these tools enable our technicians to conduct precise diagnostics, disassemble components efficiently, and reassemble them with utmost precision. By utilizing the right tools for each task, we ensure the accuracy and quality of the rebuild process, delivering components that meet Caterpillar's original specifications.


We take contamination control seriously. Our Component Rebuild Center has advanced test benches and follows strict contamination control rules throughout the facility. These measures are put in place to prevent any cross-contamination and maintain the integrity of the components being rebuilt.


Our Workshop is staffed with a team of highly skilled and factory-trained technicians. These technicians possess extensive knowledge and experience in handling Caterpillar components. Their expertise ensures that every component brought to our center receives precise attention and is rebuilt to the highest industry standards with reusability guidance. With their dedication to quality, you can trust that your components are in capable hands, providing you with reliable and lasting performance.

Cat® Rebuild Options: Ways To Get Like-New Condition For Less Cost Than Buying New

With Cat® equipment, end of life isn’t really end of life. Cat rebuild options restore products to like-new condition for less cost than buying new. Rebuild a single component all the way up to a complete machine. Return equipment to its original performance or add new upgrades and technologies. Choose the flexibility of a dealer rebuild or the extra coverage of a Cat Certified Rebuild. Whatever your budget or operational needs, there’s a Cat rebuild option for you.

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Transmissions and Hydraulic Pumps Repair
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